Community acupuncture in Orange County

We have a cozy acupuncture clinic in Orange, CA where you can relax in one of our treatment chairs while we get to work helping you feel better.

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The community difference

Acupuncture in a group setting is not a new concept. Our community room is a relaxing and energizing experience for most people. No matter the primary issue, people who receive treatments regularly report overall sleep, energy, and mood improvements.

Easy flat rate pricing

Blue Heart Acupuncture strives to make acupuncture affordable for you to come as often and for as long as needed in order to feel better. Acupuncture treatments are offered at $25 per session with a one-time additional filing fee of $15 for new patients. No physician referral or health insurance needed.

Upcoming Events & Specials

  1. Referral Bonus Program

    January 1 - December 31
  2. POCA Membership Drive

    May 1 - May 31
  3. Evening Meditation Thursdays

    June 7 @ 5:30 pm - 6:30 pm