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Success Stories.

At Blue Heart Acupuncture, we’re grateful for everyone who walks through our doors. We’re especially grateful to hear that our services have helped our patients reach their healthcare and well-being goals.

There are many success stories that we can share with you. Below are a few of them, from a variety of sources such as Yelp & Facebook.

Selected Reviews from Yelp:

I had my first appointment last Friday with Elizabeth because my TMJ was unbearable and I was in so much pain. It was a blessing that Blue Heart exists because it’s affordable and it WORKS! After my first session I was like a new person. Thank you so much Elizabeth for creating community Acupuncture here in Orange. I’m such a fan! – Corina M.

Today I had a treatment at Blue Heart Acupuncture and I had a very good experience, and plan to go back again in the future. I had never tried acupuncture before. Elizabeth excels in her ability to make clients feel safe and warmly welcome, and I appreciate her professional demeanor. She really does fill the space with a lot of heart, in a way that I have rarely seen in a business environment. I appreciate that the place is set up as a community clinic, with a sliding scale. This model relies on multiple people getting treated at the same time in order to lower the costs. But fortunately the space is set up in a way that I still felt comfortable and had my privacy. There is a policy that the treatment room is a whisper-only zone, and the space is broken up into different areas so people can spread out. The lighting was nice and low and there was a good atmosphere overall. I filled out a questionnaire upon arrival and Elizabeth checked my pulse and tongue and then gently inserted some needles into my arms and legs, and into a few headache points because I told her I have a recurring headache. I could feel the treatment begin to take effect immediately. I could feel energy moving around in my body. I relaxed for a while, approximately an hour, and then as soon as Elizabeth sensed that I had rested enough, she came and gently removed the needles and helped me to get going. My headache does feel improved, and I do think that the treatment is helpful and will definitely go back. – Katherine S.

Elizabeth completely erased my acupuncture fears. I hate needles, but Elizabeth explained to me exactly what she was doing – before she did it – in a calm, relaxed manner that totally relaxed my anxieties. And guess what – the needles didn’t hurt and they WORK! I’m a true believer of the power of acupuncture thanks to Elizabeth. Truly amazing – my stress level decreased almost immediately. She is wonderful. I highly recommend her. – Pam K.

Elizabeth is one of a kind! Once in a great while, you encounter a person who has a true passion for people, and SoCal doctors could learn A LOT from Elizabeth about connecting with patients. We’re people, not numbers and Blue Heart readily tunes into this fact with true sincerity.

I was (very) skeptical about acupuncture when I first went to Blue Heart, but Elizabeth took time to review my concerns and explain every detail of acupuncture before, during and after. The best description I can put into words is, when I walk out of a session with Elizabeth, my body feels “balanced” as it should be. Almost like a few glasses of wine without the alcohol! hahaha Seriously, I was so convinced about the results of my fist session, I am committed to Elizabeth for routine visits. So much so, I take my 83 year old mother with me too for treatment of her aches and pains, who also is thrilled about Elizabeth’s treatments and especially her genuine people passion. This is “community” acupuncture, where you are in a room with other patients which I too was skeptical of at first, but now find the atmosphere actually conducive to treatment. Elizabeth’s “Blue Heart” clinic is immaculate, peaceful, clean, and quiet.

If you have ANY unresolved aches, pains, anxiety, depression or any concern you have attempted to correct from traditional medicine or psychology, you have everything to gain by seeing Elizabeth at here clinic in Orange. I know acupuncture cannot replace conventional medicine or surgery, however it can, based upon my personal results, enhance recovery and even prevent problems to begin with, and with NO side effects, and no drugs.

You routinely take your car in for maintenance, so why not do the same for your mind and body? With the “sliding scale” you can pay what you feel within the range provided (20 – 50 dollars) so it is most affordable and I honestly believe Elizabeth is a blessing who has helped me immensely.

As my 83 year old mother states about Elizabeth, “She’s better than 5 doctors!” …and I couldn’t agree more. Thank you Elizabeth and Blue Heart” acupuncture! – Wayne D.

Thx to Blue Heart Acupuncture, my first treatment restored the feeling from 10 years of neuropathy numbness in my feet. The cyanosis has lightened since circulation has increased. Allergies are losing their severity thru same treatment. Even arthritis is improving. Luv It! – Nancy J.

Elizabeth at Blue Heart Acupuncture is AMAZING! She was able to get me through a very stressful life event that cause me A LOT of anxiety. She also treated me for a variety of health issues/concerns, which helped improve my overall well-being. She is genuinely caring about the people who come in for treatment and does a wonderful job at addressing the specific concerns that you share with her. If you have a serious or mild health issue, or just need to de-stress, relax, or nap, Blue Heart Acupuncture is the place to go! – Sandra H.

I always leave the clinic feeling much better than when I first walked in. I find my treatments to be relaxing, and Elizabeth has a very calming, gentle, uplifting ‘bedside’ manner. I’m thrilled to be getting relief from the migraines that have plagued me so much of my life. I also love the sliding scale fee that allows me to be able to afford treatments! – Mary D.

I just don’t do social media in general anymore, but for Blue Heart and Elizabeth I break my fast!  This place. I mean, Elizabeth is a great acupuncturist. I see her regularly for lady troubles, once for a random toothache, once for a random acid reflux attack, and regularly for anxiety/other emotional worries (I feel like I tell her my exact shades of emotion that day and she has a different treatment for it). AND most recently, for quitting smoking. And, all have improved, some completely.

I don’t usually keep going to this kind of place (physical therapy, regular therapy, chiropractors, massage places, whatever). I get all optimistic, but then soon beg off saying they’re too expensive, too far, etc. But it’s really just I’m lazy, or as I like to put it I don’t like being busy, so I de-prioritize very easily. So the fact that I go to Blue Heart, a 20-50 minute drive from my home in Irvine (depending on the wonderful 55/5 interchange!), TWICE a week, EVERY week, it means something.

I mean, really, the lady stuff has slowly regularized, the anxiety is lessened, and I just love love going there, blanketing up in a recliner, listening to an old guy snore softly (seriously, the community aspect is actually a net positive! no kidding. it is a wonderful thing) and to the crickets softly chirping on the white noise machine, and resting (I don’t sleep, but it’s as close to meditation as I’ve ever gotten). It’s a really safe space.  It’s also clean, professional, efficient.

So, until I can afford to pay more than the minimum, I’m going to shout it from the rooftops, or at least in one yelp review and in my apartment complex’s laundry rooms with tag flyers. Go to Blue Heart! Just don’t take my seat 🙂– Leah K.

Blue Heart Acupuncture really rocks. [The clinic] is serving the acupuncture needs of the community for a very reasonable cost. If you have not tried Acupuncture or if you have tried acupuncture elsewhere but you cannot afford the high cost, then this is the place to be. Here you get service with excellent result by an energetic and compassionate acupuncturist who lives to serve her community at a sliding scale of $20 – $50. – Sue N.

Always great experience!! From the ease of confirming an appointment online, the peaceful environment & the great health benefits following an acunap! – Patty L.

I was suffering from a work-related injury to my shoulder, and I had my first ever acupuncture treatment from Elizabeth. I was amazed at how she was able to locate the problem and how quickly the pain dispersed. The best part, though, was her attentiveness to me and my comfort, figuring out what’s best for me, and her gentleness. She made the atmosphere very comforting and relaxing, and I nearly fell asleep which is big for me since I have chronic insomnia and anxiety. And I felt considerably less pain throughout the rest of the day. I have no doubts about the effectiveness of acupuncture thanks to Elizabeth’s treatments. – Teresa I. 

Acupuncture treatments from Elizabeth, have helped me in many instances. These include mood swings associated with a bi-polar diagnosis, PMS, digestive functions, and overall well-being. I have found that Elizabeth has an amazing medical knowledge and intuitive skill to discover those points that need to be activated in order to help me. The deep relaxation that I feel during an “acu-nap” and afterwards, have greatly contributed to making me not only feel better, but also to know I am practicing excellent self care by getting acupuncture from Elizabeth. – Miriam H. 

My very first experience with acupuncture was with Elizabeth. She is very honest, trusting and patient. She explained the whole process in a way I could understand and made me feel very comfortable. She is very knowledgeable and offered a lot of advice. She told me what to expect, so there weren’t any surprises. It didn’t hurt at all. It was one of the most relaxing treatments I ever received. After the treatment and for the rest of the day, I felt utterly blissful. No need for an evening glass of wine. I was relaxed! She has opened my eyes to acupuncture. – Kimberly P. 

My wife and I get treated at Blue Heart Acupuncture whenever we’re in Orange County. The sliding scale makes my treatments affordable. Being a Vietnam vet, I usually have treatments focus on my PTSD. I also get help with recovery from my stroke last year and with my diabetic neuropathy.

The clinic is clean, quiet and comfortable. I like the community setting because it allows me and my wife to receive treatments together. We call it our “acu-date”. Receiving regular acupuncture has helped me be more relaxed, too. – Joseph F. 

A treatment at Blue Heart Acupuncture is always a blissful event. I get acupuncture on a regular basis for arthritis. Elizabeth is a wonderful practitioner. She offers a compassionate and effective treatment plan. The sliding scale ($20-50) fits my budget and allows me to decide how much I can afford. I highly recommend visiting BHA’s clinic. – Valentina F. 

Selected Reviews from Facebook:

bha-24I frequently receive treatment from Elizabeth and always with good result. She has treated me for pain, common colds, stomach and digestive issues, and insomnia. She is always attentive to my needs and tailors the treatment to them. When I went to her for back pain the problem resolved almost immediately. Her caring attitude combined with her knowledge makes her a master healer. – Chris B.
I’ve had numerous treatments from Elizabeth and they always leave me feeling rested, healthy, and less stressed. Her warm bedside manner is calming and friendly, and she takes the time to address all your questions and concerns. I’ve gone to several acupuncturists and Elizabeth is by far the best I’ve ever been to. I highly recommend her. – Lizzy K.
Elizabeth is kind, insightful, thorough, compassionate, and talented. I have been suffering from Achilles pain for some time. Today after my third treatment, the pain went from an 8-9 to a 1! The pain is still alleviated. Thank you Elizabeth!!!! – Adrienne V.
Orange County is lucky to have Elizabeth! – Ronit G.
I highly recommend Blue Heart Acupuncture. Elizabeth has a wonderful clinic where you will be treated with compassion and kindness. My teenage son always looks forward to his treatments. – Heather S.
So happy you have brought the gift of community acupuncture to Orange County! Thank you! – Jill A.

Thank you for the fabulous, kind, compassionate & relaxing treatment! – Angie S.
Community Acupuncture Rocks! Yeah for Blue Heart Acupuncture! – Nicole M.
Very welcoming and very accommodating. I was very uneasy about my first visit but Elizabeth made sure to talk me through the process and kept checking in with me to make sure I was at ease. I felt a significant difference in my back pain. I’d definitely recommend. – Villaescusa F.
Elizabeth is one of the best acupuncturists I’ve had the pleasure of working with. As an acupuncturist myself, I’m incredibly selective who I receive treatments from and Elizabeth is among the best. She is compassionate, warm, and gentle with her treatments, and still amazingly effective at helping people get and stay well. – Andrea J.
I LOVE THIS PLACE! I had given up on acupuncture, but then I found this place. I love it and will be a permanent customer! Elizabeth is such a sweetheart and an amazing acupuncturist! – Carrie A.
Elizabeth is so gentle and caring while getting great results. Go today for back pain relief!!! – Faune T.
Best acupuncture in town! Bina J.