Big News! Blue Heart Acupuncture is gaining an amazing new owner.

Blue Heart Acupuncture is gaining an amazing new owner.

We can’t contain our excitement any longer. Beginning on June 1st, your community acupuncture clinic will be under the direction of Lydia Au, Licensed Acupuncturist. I know this is a lot to take in but this really is good news for you and the clinic. Here’s why:

* I (Elizabeth) am leaving the clinic to fulfill my dream of writing a book. I started a book about grief recovery five years ago but was never able to devote adequate time to my writing. Taking time off will allow me to pursue my creative passion. I will be here throughout June to introduce Lydia to our patients and help the transition go smoothly for everyone.

* Since building this clinic from scratch with the help of our wonderful community, I’ve fallen madly in love with our patients. You’ve become family to me. And I couldn’t leave family in the hands of just anyone. So, I searched and searched for the perfect new owner.

* Lydia originally contacted me about working in the clinic as an employee. Her kind, intelligent personality impressed me immediately. When she volunteered with me at Lestonnac free clinic, I was certain I found the right match. Lydia actually has more years of experience treating patients than me. She was licensed in 2010 . Her style is similar to mine in that it’s gentle and effective.

* She a dedicated mother of two handsome and energetic boys which I believe helps her be the compassionate woman that she is today. I’ve spent a good deal of time getting to know Lydia and I am certain her intention is to help patients feel better with community acupuncture. You’re going to love her sense of humor and her gentle care-giving nature! More than anything her mission is much like mine, “To provide low cost acupuncture in our safe haven of a clinic.”

* When asked why she loves community acupuncture, here’s what she said, “I love everything about it! The affordability, efficacy and accessibility are what attracted me to this style of acupuncture. But most of all, I look forward to having the opportunity to build lasting relationships with my patients.”

And now for my call to action. My top priority has always been for this clinic to thrive long past my ownership but that can only happen if you, the patients, continue to support our community acupuncture efforts. This clinic has never been Elizabeth Acupuncture. It’s always been a community clinic made for and by its patients. Orange County needs Blue Heart to thrive. I’m asking you to come in and support our new acupunk. Continue making your appointments and trusting that the needles will do their work regardless of whose sticking you. I will do my part by regularly getting treatments at Blue Heart Acupuncture, too. If you want to give me a going away present, please keep our chairs full with you, your friends, your family, your neighbors.

I look forward to seeing you all in the clinic the rest of this month and into June and I can’t wait to be napping by your side in the years to come. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for making this safe place, this gentle community oasis a reality. Your kindness, your generous spirits, your willingness to help was the greatest gift I’ve ever been given. You, my patients, made my world a better place.

With deepest gratitude,


One thought on “Big News! Blue Heart Acupuncture is gaining an amazing new owner.

  1. Pam Kusnirik

    I look forward to being treated by Lydia. I know you’ve chosen an excellent new steward for this wonderful low cost clinic. You will be greatly missed but I look forward to seeing you at the clinic! Wishing you all the best.


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