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What is Community Acupuncture?

Getting acupuncture in a group setting is not a new concept. It’s how acupuncture has been practiced for years in hospitals throughout China. Only there, medical care is under a socialized system which means the government foots the bill. Here, we needed a model that could pay acupuncturists without relying on government grants and private donations.

With that goal in mind, the “community acupuncture” model was created. Some fabulous people in Oregon developed a low cost, community setting model that works well for folks in the U.S. You can learn more about Lisa and Skip, the smarties who developed this business model by visiting www.pocacoop.com.

We’re In Good Company.
There Are Over 200 Other Community Acupuncture Clinics Across The Globe, Just Like Us.

If you have friends and family in other cities who could use affordable acupuncture, you can refer them to a clinic near their home by clicking here to see a map of over 200 community acupuncture clinics.


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